Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Advanced ASP.NET MVC

Learn how to extend the ASP.NET MVC framework with dependency injection, view engines, action filters, and more. We’ll see how to apply Test Driven Development and write unit tests with mock objects.

The WTFs of a non-relational design in a relational database

Here are some facts about the Vision system:

  • The data model comprised a single table named DATA.
  • The DATA table had 240+ columns.
this application was something new, and that the way it stored data and metadata in the database would revolutionize computing

You are in a world of hurt. It takes six months to train a new maintenance person and a database consultant," waving at me, "says that the simplest of reports can only be created with the greatest difficulty using the most low-level reporting tools." He stood up, walked to the white board, picked up a pen, and wrote:



Monday, August 24, 2009

NDC 2009 Videos

Mark Nijhof has created a list of presentations from the Norwegian Developers Conference 2009, that featured some of the best speakers around in the field of software development.

Here are some selected presentations. For the full list, see Mark's blog.

Tim Huckaby
Jump into Windows Presentation Foundation! ...and Become Immediately Effective

Sql Antipatterns

Presentation by Bill Karwin (from the MySQL Conference & Expo)